Not in the Diary

Not in the Diary book cover This entertaining, thoughtful memoir is a fitting tribute to Dame Thora’s later years and witness to two of her greatest talents: the ability to tell a story and her determination to stay on top of life even when in severe pain.

Thora's sheer dedication to her work and her love of acting guaranteed her a string of accolades and awards. At the centre of this industry was Dame Thora’s diary, a huge book which she kept with her at all times, next to the telephone which would be constantly ringing. Not in the Diary reveals her reflections and her behind-the-scenes stories, from glamourous engagements to domestic and family commitments, the material that never finds its way into the diary of events. During this period, she had a bad fall which resulted in several weeks in hospital. She also suffered from severe arthritis and became wheelchair bound, going to work in an ambulance. Yet her will to work never failed and she became one of Britain's foremost personalities and beloved by all.

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I was very struck by Thora’s attitude to work and her place in the business. She had a lot of respect for everyone else on the shoot – she didn’t demand any special treatment, she didn’t go around acting the part of the loveable old character, she just got on with it. But everyone did give her special treatment, because she was special.
Victoria Wood OBE