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Jockey Tony Byrne finds it's not just his weight he's battling with in the most exciting thriller yet from John Francome.

Unlike some of his fellow jockeys, Tony Byrne has never taken a bung and never ridden a dishonest race. All the same, his career is heading for the rocks, dragged down by weight problems and woman trouble - and too many slow horses.

In comparison, star rider Freddy Montague has never been fussy about sticking to the rules, either on the

racetrack or in bed with another man's wife. And if there's money on offer to fix races, Freddy's guaranteed to be first on the gravy train.

Unfortunately for both men, the guarantees run out once Freddy's train comes off the rails. That's when the gravy turns to blood...

'Francome brings authenticity to tales of the horse racing circuit and, like Dick Francis, goes beyond the thunder of the turf to the skulduggery of the trading ring'
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