Based on the true story of the Tichbourne Claimant, DEAD RINGER is a white-knuckle racing thriller of jealousy and deception.

Fourteen years ago David Tredington ran away from home and vanished. His father, Sir Mark, one of England's top breeders, has never given up the search for his son, and now, thanks to his godson, affable blood stock agent Johnny Henderson, David has been found alive and well in County Mayo.

Paperback £6.99, ISBN: 0 7472 4941 5

When the charismatic young man returns to the family's Devonshire estate, he receives a mixed welcome. His elder sister, Lucy, and Sir Mark's secretary, Susan Butley, distrust him from the start. Jason Dolton, David's brother-in-law and rival jockey, is even less pleased to see another heir to the Tredington fortune. But David's natural skills as a jockey soon attract favourable attention in the steeple-chasing world.