The Old-Girl Network

Why didn’t anyone warn her that the path to true love would be filled with potholes?

Dreamy, scatty and impossibly romantic, Polly McLaren is a secretary in an advertising agency, but the day a stranger on a train catches her eye, her life changes for ever. This American Romeo, who’s recognised her old school scarf, begs Polly to help him find his missing Juliet. Over an intoxicating dinner at the Savoy, Polly agrees to play Cupid – St Gertrude’s girls must, after all, stick together – and her investigations begin. The last thing she needs now is trouble from the men in her life... Henry Lloyd Roberts – Polly’s madly attractive but infuriatingly elusive boyfriend. It’s he who goads her into turning detective – on the grounds that it might give her something to do for a change. Not to mention distract her from his own lustful pursuits...

...and Nick Penhalligan – Polly’s rude, arrogant and ridiculously demanding boss, who’s not best pleased that her mind is everywhere but on her job. But even he gets entangled when the old-girl network turns into a spider’s web of complications, deceit, and finally, love.


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